- Selected artwork -

Corporate Identity for a Hungarian Pálinka Manufactory 'Három koma' (The three pals).


3 Koma (The '3 Pals') is a very young small Hungarian Pálinka Manufactory, founded by three good childhood friends.

This story has begun with just some simple words: 'We love pálinka, very much.' A few years later these words turned into professional meanings: 'We love to produce pálinka, very much.'

The main pillars of their philosophy are: family-like and friendly partnership, quality and clean ingredients, maximum expertise, but no mass production. The best evidence of this philosophy is the countless prizes their pálinka rewarded during these few years.

Project keywords:

A young, tasty and cheerful identity, focusing on the best quality fruit ingredients and some typical, well-known 'pálinka-related gadgets'.

Creative materials designed for the company:

Logo, business cards, web design, print ads in culinary magazines and issues, various POS materials for different Hungarian pálinka contests.